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Thoughts On Proper Gardening

An essay by Patrick "Catman" Webb concerning the human impact on non-human life and conditions of the Earth.

The Shame Gang

The US Fish & Wildlife puts an end to this gang.  Warning: explicit.

Until It's Our Turn

A poem by Catman Webb.  It doesn't have to be this way. We make our choices.

Of Man And Lion

What man is doing to lions. A case for making lions an endangered species.

Wildlife Burdened

We have encountered the most dangerous predator in the history of our species.

The Gardeners Of Earth

Our Human Obligation - We have got to get back to the Garden.


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Wildlife Community Network

An internet community of people who care about nature and wildlife. Please feel free to join and interact in this community.

Wild Cats of the World

Everything from very mild to truly wild. 
A photo safari of the world's cats.

Operation "Survival 21"

Large Cats are facing a huge challenge to surviving the 21st Century.  Help them win.

Rocky's Challenge

Courtesy of Tiger Touch, this game tests your knowledge of big cats.

Lion Expressions

A fun, hip way to learn how to read between the lions!

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