Powerful, quiet and swift, the tiger is the top predator in his part of the world.  But he has less control over his future than you do.  If he is to survive, he will have to rely on your good judgment and sense of values as you inherit the world from your parents and pass it on to your children.  Will tigers survive the 21st Century?  It's up to you.

The fossil record is full of species that have become extinct over time.  But in recent centuries the rate of extinction has increased by nearly 1000 times due to human influence.

Which species will become extinct during your lifetime?  Wouldn't you like to think NONE of them will?  It is unlikely you can stop all extinction, but you can make a major difference.  Learn about the issues facing endangered species and then adopt a lifestyle that values all life on Earth.  People like you can make Operation Survival 21 a success, making our world a safe place not just for exotic cats but all living things.

Every segment has a glossary of terms to help you understand the "buzz words" of the environmental and scientific issues covered.  While none of it is more complex than it has to be, it follows the Rule of Basic Truth:

"Make the universe as simple as possible ... but no simpler!"

-- Albert Einstein

If you have questions about these materials, EMAIL or write me and I will do my best to reply quickly.  Have a great journey!

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